Your Support Team

At Illinois College, we’re with you every step of the way. From the application process through graduation, we provide you with personalized support as you navigate your degree and build a better career.

Team Members

Enrollment Counselors

Once you express your interest in Illinois College, our trained enrollment counselors are here to help guide you through the application process. They’ll answer your questions about admissions, transcripts, transfer credits and more. You’ll work together towards your educational goals as you begin your academic journey.

Talk to a Counselor

Transcript Team

Apply your experience to your current academic goals with the help of our transcript team. Even if you’re still looking at degree options, our team will crunch the numbers to ensure that as many of your credits transfer as possible should you choose Illinois College. You’ll get a better understanding of your course of study and find the answers you need to register for the right classes at the right time.

Online Advisors

Online advisors help you stay on track. With their knowledge and dedication to your success, they’ll monitor your progress and help keep you focused. Because our online advisors build a personal connection with you, you’ll always have someone to root you on and guide you to the next step of your academic progress.